Welcome to Sustainable Rainbow!


My name is Jessica and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband, newborn daughter and our two fur babies, Lula and Bexley. I'm a licensed social worker and have been practicing counseling at a women's outpatient substance abuse treatment facility since 2012. I absolutely love my job and continue to be inspired by my clients and their journeys in recovery! 


I decided to start a blog to share my discoveries as I explore the ethical, fair-trade and sustainable fashion industry, because I believe that where we spend our money speaks volumes! There is so much information out there about what it means, who it affects, and why it's so important; some of it is enlightening, and some of it is truly shocking. Without taking it to the extreme (all vegan everything, producing zero waste, etc. - although it's something to aspire to), I want to show how making simple, practical changes in our shopping habits can help support this industry in a huge way. Despite the industry trending towards minimalism and neutral colors, I'm here to prove you can dress in sustainable and ethically made fashion while still living your most colorful life!


Thank you for joining me on this journey as I explore the world of ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and more!


P.S. I've recently starting creating more things in the kitchen, focusing on fun, dairy-free and vegan recipes, so from time to time I may share these with you as well :)